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" More and more organizations are turning to crowds for help in solving their most vexing innovation and research questions, but managers remain understandably cautious. It seems risky and even unnatural to push problems out to vast groups of strangers distributed around the world, particularly for companies built on a history of internal innovation... but excluding crowdsourcing from the corporate innovation tool kit means losing an opportunity. " "Using the Crowd as an Innovation Partner."

Apr. 2013 by Karim R. Lakhari , Harvard Business School Professor and Principal Investigator of Crowd Innovation Lab and NASA Tournament Lab  


Hypios CI (Crowd Innovation) is a French company that help corporations meet specific R&D needs and thrive from the speed, cost-efficiency, and novelty of its unique approach to Open-problem solving. Its key product, hy.OpenInnovation, is an online platform on which “Seekers” post R&D problems in a "Push" mode and select a deadline and a price for the successful “Solver.”   But the underlying process goes much further. Hypios CI relies on hy.Proximity, a core proprietary software for in-depth semantic analysis of each problem, and competency discovery technology able to sound the web to find relevant experts. This ensures that challenges are not broadcast to the entire world, but “narrowcast” to relevant expertise in a pre-selected range of scientific discipline. This helps maximize the number of relevant, and often “adjacent” solutions, from a network of over 950,000 experts across the world.



Hypios CI also developed alliances with authorized partners specialized in Innovation Management and Open Innovation to better assist our clients in their day to day R&D activities but also to provide key advantages to solvers community. Convinced that mobile tools increase agility and because we believe innovation is not only for large corporations, Hypios CI decided to launch mobile applications for seekers and solvers.


Hypios CI has launched hy.Store, a BigData platform where all innovative solutions proposed by our community of solvers are stored. Accessible only for registered Seekers, this platform will not only be interesting for companies willing to invest and looking for innovation in a "Pull" mode but also around the Analytics on innovation trends captured that could be of interest for investors, analysts and corporations.      


Contact us: For further information on Hypios products and services, or to launch an open-problem solving campaign to accelerate and expand your innovation process, please contact us now. A representative will guide you through the process and answer any question you may have.

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