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Surprising & Relevant. Or how to make a scientific discovery or technical invention unexpectedly as a result of a combination of fortuitous circumstances and very often in the context of research on another topic. This is a core value for us as we believe it is an Innovation Accelerator factor.

 Confidentiality & Ethics:

We protect the confidentiality of the " Seekers " (Companies posting R&D challenge) and " Solvers " (Experts posting a solution) and their Intellectual Property. We encrypt our exchanges on networks and on the web to ensure the protection of ideas and data stored on our portal. We respect the rules of ethics (see Seeker/Solver Resources section) and professional secrecy defined by our charter HyShield®.

 KISS (Keep It Simple and Straightforward):

Conscious that "Time is of the Essence", we believe simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.

 Time to Market:

Unlike a sale of "consulting service", Hypios CI operates in the "business solution" area by selling a finished product : the solution to the challenge.More effective than counsultancy, the solution goes straight to the point, is encrypted and immediately implementable; Conscious that reducing design cycle for faster production start will make the difference, we offer mobile solutions allowing in few clicks the submission of a challenge or a prosposed solution to this challenge to increase agility.

 Human Creativity:

"Creativity is Intelligence having Fun"  A. Einstein

Powered by 7 Billions of individuals, Hypios CI is convinced that human creativity is unlimited as long as it could be canalized through prompt and simple interactions facilitated by new means and collaboration tools. Very humbly, Hypios CI would like to contribute to this mission with passion and enthusiasm.