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Why Solve

There are a number of reasons that motivate our Solver community, some general, others very personal. The three most cited reasons are:


1. It's a challenge. People like to exercise and test their abilities on real-world problems, whether in their specific area of expertise, or by applying their knowledge to other fields. What can be more rewarding than having your solution validated by the world's top R&D departments?


2. There's a prize. Whether you're a student or a professional, a financial reward for a successful solution is guaranteed. Since its launch, over $600,000 have been committed to challenges on Hypios CI.


3. This leads to recognition. When you post a solution on Hypios CI, a professional team of experts will help you optimize that solution, to ensure that our client is only presented with high-quality relevant work that can be directly applied to their current process. This gives you real-life experience on current research demands and relevant experience that can be applied to current and future employment.


How to register

The first step to becoming a solver is to first register as a member of our website at Each member is asked to accept a Solver terms of use (which can be viewed here) to ensure that he/she is able to transfer intellectual property if a solution is accepted by the Seeker.

To apply to become a member, click here and follow the simple steps.


Contact us: If you have questions about Solver requirements, terms and conditions, how to improve your chances of providing a winning solution, contact our Solver Service team, which is dedicated to guiding you through the entire process.

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