RATP is boosting their innovation with an ambitious "start-up program", launched 18 months ago. RATP has just signed a 2-year contract with Hypios CrowdInnovation (CI), a specialist in open innovation. Hypios CI, one of the startups in the startup incubator known as the Village, has been able to launch a innovative partnership with RATP. RATP has already retained a solution thanks to the Hypios CI business model. With this first success, RATP launched new research innovations with Hypios CI, also called "Challenges", with technological support from the RATP engineering department. Hypios CI has a unique and patented semantic algorithm that enables its CrowdInnovation® platform and community of almost 1 million expert solvers to quickly and anonymously identify complex and concrete solutions around the world. In addition to its incremental or breakthrough innovation research capabilities, this algorithm allows for innovation monitoring, sourcing and even market research missions.