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Créargie signs with Hypios

Hypios is the leading open-problem solving platform in France; Créargie, a pioneering consulting firm specialized in value optimization and innovation.
Both companies have chosen to work together in the fast evolving field of Open Innovation.

With 80 clients and 150 projects a year, Créargie believes that the start-up will be a key ally to bolster its current strategy. “Hypios draws on cutting edge technology and a proven experience in the field. With more than 800,000 experts in its database, Hypios is the best R&D solution provider on the market,” says Jacques Laurent, consulting partner and former president of Créargie.

This partnership will strengthen Créargie’s offer in terms of innovation consulting. The group will now be fully integrated in the Open-problem solving process. Créargie will help clients (“seekers”) identify unsolved R&D problems and formulate them to maximize the number of potential solutions. Together with the “seeker,” Créargie consultants will help define the framework, the deadline, and the prize money to be awarded to the successful “solver.”

Hypios then “narrowcasts” these problems to the right solvers. “Innovation is a founding principle of our company, and the services offered by Hypios are perfectly in line with our objective, which is to put creativity back at the heart of enterprise innovation,” adds Jean-François Hautot, president of Créargie.

Hypios is fully committed to this new partnership.

Hypios CEO Daniel de Segovia Gross believes that “working with Créargie presents a great opportunity. Créargie’s work, with its focus on value chain optimization, perfectly matches our clients’ expectations. We are very excited to be able to add this set of competencies to our portfolio of partnerships.”



Founded in 1968, Créargie believes in harnessing the full potential of individuals, maximizing creative capital, and promoting the benefits of collaborative action. Its objectives are to identify the true “essence” of a company, define how it differs from its competition, and help nurture it with initiatives from its workforce. Créargie operates in five distinct fields: innovation, strategy and management, performance and competiveness, branding, prospective.



Launched in 2008, Hypios combines intelligent crowdsourcing, competency discovery technology and human outreach to offer an optimal R&D problem solving service. Clients—called “seekers”—identify, formulate, and post their problems on Seekers select the deadline and the prize money awarded to the winning “solver.” To guarantee the highest possible response rate, Hypios draws from its advanced proprietary semantic technology and a database of over 800,000 experts throughout the world.


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