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Why Hypios sometimes extends deadlines



Hypios strives to find the best possible solutions to unsolved problems. In order to do this, Hypios doesn’t just crowdsource:

we evaluate and suggest improvements to each submitted solution.

A good idea, well expressed, has a better chance to get a Seeker's attention. This refinement process sometimes takes more time than originally allotted.


Seekers tend to turn to Hypios when they want novel solutions. But they need to ensure that the solution meets all of their stated criteria. For problem statements with complex criteria, this can involve a great deal of back-and-forth communications between the Seeker, Hypios and the Solvers. In consultation with the Seeker, and keeping all active Solvers in the loop, Hypios will occasionally extend the submission deadline on a posted problem. When we do this, the new deadline will be clearly indicated as “extended” (in purple) in the problem list on As a matter of policy, Hypios will never extend a submission deadline more than once for a given problem.

Our goal in establishing these deadline-extension policies is, for Solvers, to give them every reasonable chance of submitting an accurate, elegantly-stated solution that conforms to all requirements and criteria; and for Seekers, to give them every reasonable chance of obtaining a winning solution.