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Hypios Files European Patent on Semantic Technology

Paris, March 22, 2012 — Hypios, the European leader in Intelligent Crowdsourcing for open-problem solving, has just filed its first patent, for its core semantic technology.

Filed in Europe, the patent will protect a novel method for finding laterally and directly relevant keywords using a semantic graph of concepts. This technology, called hy.Proximity, is the fruit of several years of research in the Semantic Web. It was headed by Hypios R&D director Milan Stankovic in partnership with the STIH laboratory of the Sorbonne Paris-IV University in France.

The Semantic Web holds great promise for improving online queries, and is widely viewed as a foundation of the so-called “Web 3.0.” It is based on the qualification of online information into machine-readable types such as places, things, people, or objects, making it easier for both humans and applications to search for data. For instance, the term "Berlin," which can refer to either the German city or the writer Isaiah Berlin, can be semantically distinguished.

Hypios has been using this technology to find "strong" and "weak" links between concepts to analyze complex problem statements and identify relevant experts to solve them.

Once accepted, the patent will enable Hypios to commercialize this technology for external purposes. From improving the promotion of Web resources to enhancing advertising distribution channels, the technology has a host of potential applications. "As opposed to widespread measures of semantic proximity, which currently rely mostly on statistics, this method relies on graph measurements specially adapted for linked data," says Stankovic.

About Hypios Hypios combines intelligent crowdsourcing, competency discovery technology, and human outreach to deliver an optimal open problem-solving service. “Seekers” post R&D problems to the network and select a deadline and a price for the successful “Solver.” Hypios, which draws from a network of over 800,000 solvers across the world, has been solving R&D problems for global companies since 2008.

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