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Hypios launches Hy.Connect with Total


Paris, October 28, 2013 —Hypios, Europe’s leading crowdsourcing platform for R&D and innovation launches Hy.Connect, a virtual “idea box” open to any company, and easily customizable for all types of challenges. Total SA has just selected Hy.Connect to launch a contest on 3D image reconstruction.

A new component of the knowledge economy, crowdsourcing—especially open problem solving—can today speed up all phases of the product development cycle, from the original idea to manufacturing and distribution. “With its proprietary technology, a unique resolution process, and its access to more than 1 million experts throughout the world, Hypios is today a leading European contender in crowdsourced R&D,” says its president Jean-François Hautot. « If many companies already include this solution in their innovation process, some also wish to fully control where the ideas originate, or create an ad hoc ecosystem for a given challenge. This is why we have decided to launch Hy.Connect, a highly customizable front-end of the Hypios platform.”

 Hy.Connect lets the client—a company, an association, or a public entity—not only manage any number of challenges, but also control the registration and origin of the contributors. These can by definition be limited to a single company (internal), to other companies or research labs (suppliers), to a community of customers, to specific countries, etc. “The possibilities are endless. Hy.Connect is a highly reactive online marketplace between a company that launches a challenge and contributors who submit solutions. The platform is only the first brick of Hypios’s complete open problem solving process. These are two distinct products, » adds its president.

Total selected Hy.Connect to launch a challenge on the 3D reconstruction of rock outcrops—which allow geologists to interpret soil type from 2D images.

“We needed a platform with an easy UI that let us manage on a daily basis a technological challenge, but with a well defined community in mind : IT students in France. We also had other prerequisites, such as being able to post solutions as teams, for example,” explains the contest’s organizer, from Total SA Exploration & Production. “We selected Hypios for its expertise in technological challenges and open problem solving. Our division was able to easily and rapidly deploy Hy.Connect, and we are now waiting for our first solutions.”


The contest closes April 11, 2014. Winners will be awarded a variety of different prizes.


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