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Hypios becomes Hypios CrowdInnovation®

Hypios was the first Open Problem Solving platform for advanced technologies created in Europe. The market for open innovation was just starting in France, Hypios already offered the social market 1st place time of "solutions" to the attention of innovative large companies.

Developed with the same proprietary algorithms based on an innovative semantic technology in partnership with the STIH laboratory of the Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV), Hypios filed a European patent in 2011 and already boasts 950,000 researchers in 150 countries.

After management changes, Hypios became Hypios Crowd Innovation (Hypios CI) in 2015 after a change of shareholder.

Starting from the premise that open innovation is not just for large corporations and an inventor in his garage may have the solution to the R&D challenge of a large group elsewhere in the world, Hypios CI redesigned its model and continued its development. 

Based on the same algorithms and adapting the software to Web 3.0 to provide access to the greatest number, Hypios CI now offers a new approach to crowd open innovation more internationally oriented. With new web applications (apps for "seeker" and "solver") each downloadable from a single smartphone, Hypios CI wants to become the "LinkedIn" of open innovation by allowing companies regardless of their size to accelerate their development by posting, simply and confidentially, their R & D challenges.

With HyStore®, Hypios CI creates a new platform of "Big Data Analytics" to consolidate in a single database both innovations and expertise available on the strong innovation trends collected across the globe, this always in compliance with a total confidentiality of "seekers" and "solvers" such as intellectual property protection.