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Hypios CI announce a key partnership with Efficient Innovation

Paris (France) the 30th of November 2016 - Efficient Innovation and Hypios CrowdInnovation announce their collaboration to support their customers though Open Innovation processes. By leaning on to the unique know-hows of Efficient Innovation and the strengths of Hypios CI: the collaborative platform Hy.OpenInnovation and the patented semantic technology.

Efficient Innovation is often involved in the process of innovation, from the strategy to the finalization of the project. It is within this framework that can be identified a technological lock, the search for an incremental or disruptive innovation offering new opportunities. These subjects can then be anonymously submitted as challenge on Hypios CI's Hy.OpenInnovation platform. In this case, Efficient Innovation will intervene in the scoping phase to analyze the steps already taken, the obstacles encountered and the success keys defined for the choice of one or more solutions proposed by the community of Hypios CI Solvers (+ 950,000).

The rules of the challenge are defined by the customer (challenge prize, resolution time and selection criterias of the solution), the complementarity of the two companies will allow to innovate at the best cost supporting a "win-win" strategy based on the success-fee.


 About Efficient Innovation:

Efficient Innovation is a consulting firm specialized in Innovation Management since 1998. It mainly deals with companies, from start-ups to large companies, including research centers and institutions through local competitive clusters to consolidate their innovative projects. With excellent knowledge of innovative project management tools and methods on strategy, financing and operational deployment, Efficient Innovation helps companies and their leaders to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Efficient Innovation is located in France with its presence in 7 major cities (Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier and Aix-en-Provence) and opened its branch in Sao Paulo, Brazil 2 years ago.

About Hypios CrowdInnovation:

Hypios CI has a unique approach based on a patented semantic technology to provide solutions to their clients issues (marketing and technical) though Open Innovation processes. With a community of more than 950,000 experts around the world, Hypios CI allows experts to participate to the resolution of challenges such as complex technological problems, the identification of new technologies or new players in a market. Hypios CI is a start-up based in the Village by CA the first accelerator of Crédit Agricole (5th largest Bank in Europe and 10th in the World).

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Hypios CrowdInnovation
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Efficient Innovation
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75001 PARIS



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