Solving Guidelines

Tips for creating good solutions:

When solutions are submitted to the Hypios website, it is reviewed by one of our team members to determine if it satisfies the solver guidelines. If there are improvements to be made, the solver will be contacted to modify their submission. Our Solver Relations team will then work diligently to contact Solvers who have an interest in solving these challenges, and then possibly submit their solutions. When the deadline for submission is reached, each solution is evaluated and a winner is chosen. To optimize your chances of being chosen, below are our guidelines to take into consideration throughout the process.

Submit your solution in a full document

No winning solution has ever been explained in a sentence. Devote time to fully explain your solution in a format that is organized, coherent and easy to understand. If you have any language related concerns, please contact a member of the Hypios CI team.

Be Clear

Submissions must offer not only a solution but also information on how and why it solves the problem. Use supporting evidence and references to explain your idea. Including a bibliography is a welcome addition but this need not be exhaustive and it is not mandatory. Even if your solution is relatively simple it is important for it to be concise. The length of your solution is not as important as the quality of its content.

Use visual aids and examples to illustrate your solution

Use relevant images, charts, graphs, and examples to support your points. The clearer your explanations are, the more likely your solution will be chosen.

Keep track of the time

It's in your best interest to submit a solution prior to the deadline. Submitting a solution well before the deadline allows Hypios CI to give you feedback, to ensure that your solution meets the Seeker’s needs. With the exception of the rare occasion that a Seeker requests a deadline extension, submissions beyond the original deadline will not be accepted.

Be aware of the criteria

Carefully read the problem and its constraints. If a solution does not meet the criteria, a member of the Hypios CI team will contact you to suggest modifications. To avoid any setbacks, be aware of any and all requirements in advance. Any solution submitted that does not meet the criteria provided by the Seeker will not be chosen.

Understand the solver terms of use

Read and understand the Hypios CI Solver terms of use agreement. Know what you are entitled to and know what the submission of a solution entails.

Understand copyright and patent laws

Be aware if you are using someone else’s intellectual property. If your solution is chosen as the winner but is found to be in violation of intellectual property laws, your solution will be voided and you will not be compensated.

Be innovative!

The purpose of open problem solving is to think outside the box and offer a solution that may have otherwise been unrealized. Even if a problem is not in the realm of your expertise, there may be a way to apply your knowledge to find a completely new solution using unconventional methods. In the past, there have been winning Hypios CI solvers who were experts in a range of subjects completely unrelated to the challenge. Anything is possible in the world of open problem solving.