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Case Studies

With a return of experience of several hundreds of challenges in more than 10 different areas of expertise, Hypios CI stands out as a major player in open problem solving. The average time between problem submission and acquired solution is 3 months.


Our Semantic process


Classic R&D crowdsourcing platforms promise to present problems to individuals from all scientific disciplines. Yet even in such a process, constraints still exist. The first is that potential solvers need to sign up to receive information on given problems. The second is that they themselves determine whether they can offer a valid solution. Therefore, the ability to broadcast - in this case “narrowcast - problems to solvers in relevant fields, bypassing the last filter mechanism (the solver’s own ‘self-censorship on whether or not he/she can provide a solution) is key in enhancing successful problem resolution. To identify the disciplines and people best capable of providing novel solutions, we have developed patented semantic technology called Hy.Proximity.


The standard procedure when we have a new innovation challenge on Hypios CI is to feed the problem statement into hy.Proximity which suggest keywords related to the problem, and look for experts in our large, cross-domain, 950,000 expert database. Finding keywords relevant to the problem, that do not appear in the problem text is important in order to reach the relevant experts in most diverse domains, who might be able to bring an innovative solution. 

Challenge debrief 



A simple and cheap device for closing flexible plastic food packages, to replace the classic "twist-tie" systems. 

Selected solution

The winning solver based his product on a polymer material which is commonly used for healthcare devices.The material in question had never been used to close plastic packages. 

Impact for client

Adapting existing knowledge from another industry.     




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