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"Every industry has well known problems. These are often problems where an optimal solution requires expertise from outside the industry's domain. If your company is the first one to introduce specialists outside your field to these problems, your company will have the first chance to find an innovative solution."

Karim R. Lakhani (Hardvard Business School)


 What is Hypios Crowd Innovation?

Hypios CI combines intelligent crowdsourcing, competency discovery technology, and human outreach to deliver an optimal open problem-solving service. “Seekers” post R&D problems to the network and select a deadline and a price for the successful “Solver.” Hypios CI, which draws from a network of over 950,000 experts across the world, has been solving hundreds of complex R&D challenges for large global Fortune 2000 companies as well as for small and medium size but also for innovative start-ups.

"Go beyond pure keyword and same-domain based matching"


Maximizing Diversity

Outside their immediate team, employees often lack access to plentiful, diverse and relevant knowledge within an actionable timeframe. And exceptional skill and talent is globally dispersed. Born in the web 2.0 environment, Hypios CI was the first company to understand the potential of the Social Semantic Web for Open Innovation and Problem-Solving. Hypios CI has developed proprietary competency discovery technology that makes our process unique. We analyze each problem to generate a set of keywords—some inherent to the problem's discipline, others from lateral fields that might bring about novel or existing solutions. Once these keywords have been identified and validated, Hypios CI sounds the World Wide Web to find experts in these fields. Our solver team then contacts these specialists to present the problem and ask if they would be interested in submitting a solution. Making a problem visible to relevant and qualified experts enhances its chances of being solved.  We call this process "narrowcasting," or intelligent crowdsourcing. Hypios CI learns which diversity is potentially relevant and which ones are not, and accuracy improves while maintaining this diversity.


Cross-fertilization of knowledge between industries


Accelerating Research

Reducing time to market, exploring different avenues without monopolizing key assets, or finding existing solutions to newly-encountered problems are key reasons for using Hypios CI. Open problem-solving saves our clients precious time, letting their research teams focus on what they do best. Our process increases the speed and probability of finding solutions to your problems. It lets you control the budget and the timing according to your needs, thus minimizing overallrisk.


Identifying the right problems

There are three types of problems regularly encountered by R&D teams: 1) Problems that can be solved internally, 2) Problems that can be solved internally, but with significant financial and human investment, and 3) Problems that cannot be solved internally and for which external help is needed. Hypios CI is optimized for problems 2 and 3. Our partners will help you identify these problems, and guide you through every step of the process. To locate a suitable partner for your industry, click here



Our high success rate does not guarantee that every challenge on our platform is solved. Yet our process guarantees that the Seeker will have obtained a clearer vision of the challenge and gained valuable insights on new approaches for a successful solution. Hypios CI works on a subscription model, where clients are guaranteed optimal service, customer support, solution optimization, and much more. Once the subscription model is chosen, all the Seeker has to do is set the deadline and the solver reward.  Hypios CI offers three kinds of subscriptions depending on the number of problems to be solved (1, 3 or 5). Each subscription is for a duration of two years. It includes a consulting phase and a solution and an evaluation phase for each problem. To that is added a “solver reward,” set by Seeker, for any solution he decides to acquire. Hypios CI takes a commission on every solver reward, called a success fee. Solver rewards and success fees are payable only if a solution is acquired. Contact us now to learn about our various subscription models and pricing.

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